“We are building an engine to help us understand what happens on earth in real time.”

Emiliano is solving the world’s most pressing problems with satellite precision.

Emiliano Kargieman

A constellation with the power to remap the planet weekly

"The idea originally was Emiliano’s, he was thinking about the future, how many people are going to be left on the planet, how are we going to manage the resources to be fed. The answer is through satellites." Satellogic creations revolve around the world in 90 minutes carrying two cameras that offer high resolution images to see the state of a country's infrastructure, its routes and roads, as well as monitoring large fields. In this way, the company manufactures observation nano satellites that offer image, data and geospatial analytics services.
Satellogic's clients come from very diverse areas such as agriculture, infrastructure, energy, and ecology.

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